WO 2021/225544 A1

System and method for AI controlling mill operations to lower electricity consumption

(22) 10.03.2021

(43) 11.11.2021

(57) This invention relates to a method for controlling operations taking place in a mill through mill parameters which automatically leads to lower electricity/energy consumption and higher yield in industrial production, preferably a cement manufacturing process. The method of the invention is an AI (artificial intelligence) based method and comprising sensor behaviour prediction and optimization system. The AI method involves an end-to-end automated process for sensor data analyses, machine learning model training which is tailored for vertical/horizontal mills and operationalizing the model results with an optimization system for parameter management. The invention is also related to a system for controlling the operations taking place in a mill by using an AI (artificial intelligence) based method.

(71) Sabanci Dijital Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.S., Küçük Çamlica Mah. Kisikli Cad. 56, 34696 Üsküdar Istanbul (TR)


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