GB 2542309 A

Systems and methods for analyzing the characteristics and compositions of cement additives

(22) 26.08.2014

(43) 15.03.2017

(57) Optical analysis systems and methods may be used for analyzing the characteristics, including compositions, of cement additives, which may be used in formulating a cement slurry. For example, a cement additive may be optically interacting with an integrated computational element ("ICE”) configured to detect a characteristic of the cement additive. An output signal may then be generated corresponding to the characteristic of the cement additive detected by the ICE, which may be received and processed with a signal processor to yield a value for the characteristic of the cement additive. The value of the characteristic of the cement additive may then be used to determine an amount of the cement additive for use in producing a cement slurry.

(71) Halliburton Energy Services, Inc., 3000 N. Sam Houston Parkway E., Houston, TX (US)


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