Technology for the granulation of fly ash

AHA Greentech Co. Ltd. from South ­Korea, together with Kyonggi University, Seoul/Korea and mixing specialist Eirich from Hardheim/Germany has developed a process permitting all manufacturing steps to run efficiently the use of fly ash from power plants. In Korea, the fly ash containing a quicklime fraction (CaO) between 10 and 30 % is, on the one hand, to be granulated and – with a maximum grain size of 3 mm – to be used as a replacement for sand in the building material and concrete production. On the ­other hand, the fly ash is to be conditioned to be suitable as an additive for cement after the grinding process.

The production system in South ­Korea will be established by a subsidiary of AHA Greentech. The Eirich supply scope consists of several mixers with the corresponding control system and several fly ash and water scales. Delivery will be effective in December 2015.

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