The future of the Iranian market

With the lifting of international sanctions against Iran, the world’s industry is now anticipating booming business, despite the fact that conditions remain difficult for many investments, and for the financing of projects, in particular.

This resources-rich nation of some 78 million is seen as one of the world’s future high-growth markets – for the construction industry, too, and particularly in the field of residential construction.

The VDMA (German Engineering Federation), in cooperation with 16 of its member companies has, for example, held a successful Technology Symposium in Tehran, at which firms from the mining and cement sectors showcased their solutions for the respective industries to some 250 participants. A short report can be found on page 28.

In his up-to-the-minute market study, entitled “Iran’s cement industry after the sanctions”, our markets specialist, Dr. Joachim Harder, analyses the current situation as well as the country’s and, more specifically, the cement industry’s, economic perspectives. His preview of future developments starts on page 42.

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Anett Fischer
ZKG International


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