VDMA Technology Symposium in Tehran

On 10.05.-11.05.2016, the VDMA Symposium on Cement and Minerals Technology took place at the Evin Hotel in the Iranian capital. 16 member companies of the VDMA Construction Equipment and Building Material Machinery Association presented their products and technologies to an Iranian audience of about 250 people. Furthermore, the visitors had the chance to meet the German com­pany representatives for B2B-talks. On 09.05.2016, the representatives of VDMA member companies met officials of the German Embassy, German Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Iran Mine House and ­Europäisch-Iranische Handelsbank AG.

With nearly 80 million inhabitants and a still increasing young population, Iran is a high potential market for the German construction material machinery building industry. More than 50 % of the Iranian population lives in rural areas with a low standard of living. In the medium term this will create a high demand for housing and infrastructure. In the short term bigger investments are not expected since in 2015 the Iranian economy did not achieve any growth. Anyway, the demographic structure and ongoing growth in the last decade indicate an upcoming demand in all areas of the construction sector.

Also in the mining sector Iran offers big opportunities. In the country deposits of 65 different types of minerals are located. Despite the sanctions in recent years, the mining sector was able to achieve high growth rates. When international commodity prices recover, the mining sector expects further extensions, especially now that international sanctions have been removed. One of the central aims of the Iranian mining industry is to create an added value by processing raw materials in the country. This is where German minerals technology solutions have a great opportunity to improve their position in the Iranian market.

Both Iranian keynote speakers, the President of the Iran Mine House, Mohammad Reza Bahraman, and Seyed Mohammad Atabak, Chairman of the Cement Industry Employers Association of Iran, emphasized the good relationship between the German and the Iranian industry and expressed their wish to develop their specific industries through a long term technology partnership with Germany.

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