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The right approach to wear protection

The new Barmac range relies on uniform attrition of the impact elements and free configuration of the rotor as an aid to utilization and to lower operating costs. In the introduction to the new model Metso mentions design improvements that have resulted directly in higher throughputs, better quality of particle shape and lower operating costs with less consumption of wearing parts. These advantages of the Barmac V300SE VSI (Fig. 1) can be attributed to its new rotor design, the revised geometry of the crushing compartment, the highly wear-resistant ­materials of the impact elements and the total interaction between all these components.

An improved overall design basis was required to ensure the highest possible comminution rates with extremely low wear costs. It was also important to achieve optimum ease of operation. The Barmac V300SE provides high performance, regardless of whether it is used for secondary, tertiary or fine crushing.

Tuned for performance
The maximum edge length for the feed material for the ­
Barmac V300SE VSI is 125  mm and the throughput lies between 115 and 415 t per hour, depending on the ­material and mode of operation. The drive rating varies ­between 185 and 260 kW. An infinitely variable speed of 1100 to 1800  rpm
can be set at the rotor shaft to produce the required end product.

The Barmac is available in three different rotor configurations. The model with open rotor and impact elements gives the highest degree of comminution and is suitable for use with coarse feed material that is not too abrasive. The model with enclosed rotor and impact elements provides a high degree of comminution for fine material of low abrasiveness. The third variant – enclosed rotor with rockbox – makes it possible to process abrasive fine feed material and coarse-grained aggregates into high-quality end products, such as industrial sand, in a single machine.

The special design of the rotor increases the impact effect, and therefore also the degree of comminution. The wearing parts in the Barmac rotor from Metso have very much longer ­
service lives than with normal commercial rotors with impact elements.

There are two types of impact elements available. The cylin­drical shape of the impact element often used in Barmac rotors achieves consistently constant wear as it is simple to rotate in 90° steps. The high utilization factor of the impact elements means that the wear costs, and hence the cost per tonne, are significantly lower than with competing products.

If required, Barmac can also use conventional angular impact elements to achieve a high throughput with maximum comminution. A rockbox can also be installed as a fixed element for highly abrasive materials.

Rapid maintenance with priority on safety
The compact Barmac V300SE VSI vertical impact ­crusher is built on a modular system and sets a very high ­standard for realistic maintenance rates, which begins with the ­hydraulic cylinder for opening the housing. The entire ­system has auto­matic lubrication and a hinged motor ­bracket. The pivoted motor suspension system also promotes safe maintenance. The inspection door and hydraulic system are provided with a safety interlock. The special design of the bearings permits a lower overall height than with vertical impact crushers from other manufacturers – an advantage for installation in static and mobile applications.

The VSI operational control system (VOCS) is provided as a standard for all machines of the V-series and provides optimum mechanical protection. It monitors the vibrational characteristics of the crusher and the temperature of the bearings as well as the operating temperature of the ­motor.


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