The scarcest resource of all: acceptance

Nowadays, no company can still concentrate solely on production – especially in the resource-extracting and processing industries. Such companies have diverse and sundry forms of responsibility. People need to be made aware of the benefits to be gained from domestic raw material supplies. This includes emphasizing the sustainability of extraction processes. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a key role in that connection.

Doing business under public scrutiny in this day and age always involves pressure for self-justification. Anyone wishing to make changes must explain why the targeted state should be regarded as preferable to the existing one. What stands to be lost, and what gained, by changing things? Who would benefit from the change? Would it be good – or bad – for the public weal? What would be the balance of power with regard to competition between individual and collective interests?

Such questions are posed every day. They are most likely to be put forward in connection with infrastructure projects or...

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