Tough conditions for cement bags at the South Pole

After the successful implementation of the Advantage Select sack Kraft Paper in 2-ply cement bag solutions in Asia and Africa, Mondi Kraft Paper is now up for a new challenge – the South Pole/Antarctica. This area is the coldest, windiest, and driest place on earth. It has a desert climate, air humidity near zero, and therefore it almost never rains. The average annual temperature is -47°C, with lowest temperatures possible at -89.2°C. In short, it is one of the most inhospitable places on earth. The prime focus in Antarctica is scientific research. The “population” is transient, consisting of scientists and network support, living in stations across the continent. Cement is needed for construction, maintenance and expansion of these research stations.

When Taemyung Industrial Co. Ltd. was requested to produce 40 kg cement bags for Ssangyong Cement Industrial Co. Ltd. to be delivered to the South Pole, the consistent performance of the bag was imperative. In fact, a cement bag has to contend with a wide range of temperatures and climatic challenges. In addition, the bag is handled, moved, carried and dropped throughout the supply chain up to 10 times, needing to survive multiple drops from packers, trucks, pallets and warstacks with heights up to 3 m.

Taemyung Industrial already had extensive experience utilising Mondi’s sack Kraft Paper grade Advantage Select in the South Korean cement industry. 2-ply cement bag solutions ­using AS have superior tensile energy absorption (TEA) combined with high porosity. In addition the replacement of 3-ply constructions has resulted in lighter bags with material savings of over 25 %. Gerry Gosen, Managing Director Mondi Packaging Paper Sales Asia, says: “These 2-ply bags mean two things for our customers: reduced breakages, and more efficient dust free filling on the rotopacker as bags no longer require perforation.”


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