Use of marginal grade limestone for cement manufacture in India

In India, almost all the available cement grade limestone reserves suitable for the production of cement have been acquired under mineral concessions. Cement producers are constrained to find new ways of obtaining resources.

1 Introduction

Cement demand in India was boosted by strong economic growth and government investment in infrastructure development. The Indian cement industry experienced a good growth in cement demand from FY 05/06 to FY 08/09. Cement demand in FY 11/12 was better, however, with a consumption increase of 6.6 % across India as per Cement Manufacturer Association (CMA). Housing construction and government infrastructure investment has helped in increasing the demand. Cement consumption grew by 13.8 % in the Western region, in the Northern region by 11 %, 9.3 % in the Central region and 2.9 % in...

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