US 2016/0024307 A1

Use of polycarboxylate ethers in combination
with other additives for milling cement

(22) 06.03.2014

(43) 28.01.2016

(57) Use of an aqueous composition containing at least one poly­carboxylate ether as cement grinding aid, wherein the aque­ous composition contains one or more additives, or the aque­ous composition is used in combination with one or more additives, and wherein the additive is selected from 1,3-pro­panediol, a carboxylic acid, a sulfonated amino alcohol, boric acid, a salt of boric acid, a salt of phosphoric acid, sorbitol, a saccharide, a gluconate, iron sulfate, tin sulfate, an antimony salt, an alkali salt, an alkaline earth salt, lignin sulfonate, glycerol, melamine, melamine sulfonate and mixtures thereof.

(71) Sika Technology AG, Baar (CH)


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