WCA welcomes China’s Conch Cement as a Founding Member

On 17.01.2018, the World Cement Association announced that leading Chinese cement manufacturer the Anhui Conch Cement Company, also known as Conch Cement, has joined the global organisation as a founding member. The Association now represents more than 1 billion t of cement production capacity with its members from 35 countries.

“Conch Cement’s efficient operation and pioneering management and its efforts to work towards the sustainable development of the cement industry makes them a valuable partner and we are delighted to welcome them as a founding member of our fast-growing international network” said Norman Greig, Secretary General of the World Cement Association.

The Anhui Conch Cement Company is one of the leading cement companies in the world with 335 million t of production capacity. The Chinese company also operates in Indonesia, Russia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, and has 50 000 employees.

Gao Dengbang, Chairman of Conch Cement, emphasized that “The WCA is an important platform for cement enterprises all over the world and this bridge built by the organisation will promote the establishment of good international trade practices and help make global cement production more efficient.”

With the Anhui Conch Cement Company, the China United Cement Rizhao Gangzhong Company and the China National Building Material Group (CNBM), major cement manufacturers in China have become founding members of the World Cement Association. Last December Song Zhiping, Chairman of CNBM, was elected as the first president of the WCA.


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