21.05.-22.05.2019, KORTRIJK/BELGIUM

5th International Symposium on Industrial Waste Heat Valorisation

On 21.05.-22.05.2019 Ghent University will organize its 5th International Symposium on Industrial Waste Heat Valorisation in Kortrijk/Belgium. These conferences are especially directed to industrials to learn about technology (almost) ready for use in industrial processes.

This time it will focus on three topics:
– Thermal (heat and cold) storage in industrial processes
– Thermal storage in P2H2P (Power to Heat to Power)
– Increase flexibility of your energy system by adding thermal storage
Time frame (separate registration for all three of these activities is possible):
– Tuesday, 21.05.2019, afternoon: Workshop
Part 1: Providing a constant process heat stream out of a fluctuating (waste) heat stream by inserting a thermal storage unit. With live demonstration of a lab scale 150 kWh PCM based thermal storage (melting temperature of 223°C) linked with an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)

Part 2: Demonstration of process design including thermal storage by using TOP-Energy software
– Tuesday, 21.05.2019, evening: Conference dinner in the historic Hotel Damier Kortrijk
– Wednesday, 22.05.2019: Practical oriented lectures about the three conference topics by well qualified researchers and manufacturers
Former editions were quite successful, in 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2016 between 85 and 235 participants (about 1/2 academics, 1/2 industrials) could be welcomed.
So this event is also a perfect opportunity for networking.
Registration is open until 16.05.2019 via the registration module within

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