Call for Nominations – Klaus Dyckerhoff Prize for Young Researchers 2023

In 2023, the Dres. Edith and Klaus Dyckerhoff Foundation will present the Klaus Dyckerhoff Prize for young scientists again. The prize will be awarded to

Scientific publications on the investigation, application or production of hydraulic or alternative binders and their additives

The prize is open to individuals in non-executive positions, in particular doctoral candidates and post-docs, from European universities who have produced coherent, thorough scientific work in previous years which

  • improve the process of manufacturing binders, including coprocessing technologies (like alternative fuels, decarbonisation, power generation), or
  • expand the understanding of hydraulic or alternative binders or their additives, or
  • show new perspectives of the application of binders

The work can be PhD theses, dissertations, master theses, a single publication in a scientific journal or a bundle of several publications on a common topic. The prize can only be awarded to individuals, not to groups of authors or entire institutes.
The only criterion for the award is the scientific quality of the work (originality of the research question, methodological rigour, ...), the place and type of publication are irrelevant, as is the academic qualification of the applicant.
The prize is endowed with € 10000 and can be split in two if appropriate. It will be announced every 18 months in the future.
Self-applications are admissible; they should be accompanied by a letter of support from the academic supervisor or a senior researcher.
The awarding of the prize is decided by the Foundation's Board of Directors, based on the judgements of a prize jury of internationally renowned experts. This decision cannot be appealed.

Applications must be submitted by 26 March 2023 in English or German exclusively via a form on this website.
Applications must include

  • a single or a bundle of scientific publications (max.3) on hydraulic or alternative binders, preferably no more than two years old
  • a letter of support in which the quality of the research is acknowledged
  • a scientific publication list of the applicant
It is planned to award the prize in person at the next ibausil congress in Weimar,
13 to 15 September 2023.

For questions regarding the application procedure please contact
Dres. Edith and Klaus Dyckerhoff Foundation
Ms Lara Vanessa Straatmann
Phone: +49 (0)201 -8401 -248

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