Cement and construction industries gather together to find solutions for a NetZero CO2 emissions future

The cement and construction industries are among the highest CO2 emissions generators in the world. The cement industry alone accounts for 8% of global emissions, not far behind the agriculture industry with 12%. In 2021, the cement industries were in the Top 10 CO2 generators in Portugal. 8.7 million t of CO2 were found to be associated with mortars and concretes made with Portuguese cement from 2011-2021.

Portugal’s cement industry has been calculating its net CO2 emissions to become an entirely carbon-neutral sector. CarbonZero: Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials Global Conference and Exhibition 2022 partners with Zero – Association for the Sustainability of the Earth System, for a program focused on  the decarbonization of the cement and concrete industry. The event brings together C+ executives and decision-makers from cement manufacturing companies, equipment and technology producers as well as innovation, research & development, and environmental professional to, together, find solutions for decreasing the CO2 footprint from the cement and construction industries. The CarbonZero event is taking place at Pestana Palace Hotel & National Monument Lisbon, on the 10th and 11th November 2022.

Zero is a non-profit national association that carries out its activity with complete independence from political parties, companies and for-profit entities, denominational associations and the government. The association was founded in 2015 out of the common interest of about a hundred people to achieve sustainable development in Portugal. Zero’s intervention is based on solid ideas and a permanent dialogue with the different key actors to achieve goals such as: Zero fossil fuels, Zero pollution, Zero waste of resources, Zero destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity, and Zero social and economic inequality. Zero is also an association with a vast international influence.

Rita Prates, Zero Project Officer: “Nowadays, cement production accounts for around 8% of global CO2 emissions. Looking ahead to a zero emissions future, further technological innovation and investments should be focused on low-carbon cement and alternative materials. Now is the time to make the shift and seize the opportunity to make a difference. In reality, decarbonization is the key to your success, and it is the key to our shared future.”

Beatrice Ene, Managing Director of Industry Link: “A valuable partnership that will strengthen the drive to achieve Net-Zero emissions in the construction and cement industry. We welcome ZERO and we, together, assume our involvement in finding the best solutions to pressing climate problems.”


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