CarbonZero Global Conference 2022 highlights top consultancy firm in the Middle East as speaker for the event in Lisbon

Announcing Dr Yianni (Ioannis) Spanos, Director of Sustainability at KEO International Consultants as Speaker at CarbonZero: Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials Global Conference and Exhibition 2022. At the conference, Dr Spanos will present “Net-zero emissions and a carbon-neutral global economy – wishful thinking or global priority?”. Dr Spanos’ projects have received various Middle East awards. He is actively supporting academic research, Gulf regional Green Building Councils, and international professional bodies.

His experience includes the development of sustainable real-estate assets, low carbon solutions, and urban development programs in the Middle East & North Africa, the UK, Europe, and West Africa. He is currently delivering organization and city-scale-wide strategies to some of the signature clients. As Director of Sustainability, KEO International Consultants, he provides professional consultancy and strategy-related services to government institutions, investment funds, developers, architects, and contractors with a significant emphasis on decarbonization and ESG strategies. KEO International Consultants have offices in Porto, Portugal, and in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain.

Dr Spanos: “The mitigation measures to combat climate change include alternative energy sources and, for the real estate sectors, low carbon materials. For many organizations, CarbonZero is being interpreted as a strategy for implementation and it is not, any longer, just an aspiration. The CarbonZero conference in Lisbon provides a platform for sharing regional and global developments on zeroing carbon in building materials and can support further actions. KEO International Consultants will have the pleasure of presenting our work on real estate decarbonization and the associate opportunities that are given to many real estate companies”.



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