EU gypsum industry is part of “European Minerals Day” 2019

This year again, Eurogypsum, the European Manufacturers Association for Plaster and Plasterboard Products, is a partner of the European Minerals Day, which will take place on 20.09.-22.09.2019. “We encourage all our members across Europe to open their quarries and plants to their local communities”, said Tristan Suffys, Eurogypsum’s Secretary General.

Neighbouring communities and stakeholders are invited to discover the integration and importance of gypsum in the local economy. “Minerals such as gypsum have a lot to offer in terms of job opportunities and economic growth along the value chain. They are indispensable to secure a low-carbon future for our buildings and are an integral part of the circular economy”, added Suffys. “The European gypsum industry looks forward to a successful European Minerals Day!”

The European Minerals Day (EMD) brings together the mineral raw materials producers and stakeholders organisations in an attempt to enhance public awareness, acceptance and trust. As a recognized commitment to the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials, the EMD supports the EU Raw Materials Initiative and other principal policy instruments towards a climate neutral Europe.

A consortium of 12 European partners, representing aggregates, cement, geologists, gypsum, industrial minerals, metals, minerals exploration, mining and salt sectors, currently lead the EMD: IMA-Europe (coordinator), Cembureau, EIT Raw Materials, Eurogypsum, Eurométaux, Euromines, Euroroc, EuroGeoSurveys, the European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources, EuSalt, UEPG with the support of IndustriAll and the European Federation of Geologists.

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