Vecoplan expands its global service bases

Spain, Poland, the United Kingdom and Italy – Vecoplan is consistently expanding its service bases in Europe to be geographically closer to its customers and provide them with even better services. Users benefit from faster spare parts supply, reliable on-site support and a significantly higher availability of their plants and machines as a result. They also have a contact person who knows their market intimately.

With its service centers, Vecoplan AG offers reliable on-site support Customers always have a contact person who knows their market inside out  [Photo: Vecoplan AG]

With its service centers, Vecoplan AG offers reliable on-site support Customers always have a contact person who knows their market inside out  [Photo: Vecoplan AG]
“Our branch offices and nearby service bases facilitate communication with customers regarding complex projects,” says Jochen Pfeil, Head of the Services division at Vecoplan AG. The company is one of the leading suppliers of machinery and equipment to process primary and secondary raw materials for thermal and material recycling. “We can use this approach to ensure the implementation of the best possible customer solution that meets their requirements,” explains the Vecoplan expert.

Besides Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom, Italy now also has a Vecoplan service base. Vecoplan has built up a large “installed base” in that country. The company has also opened an independent sales office with a workshop in Ferrara to provide Italian customers with even better services. There are currently seven employees in Ferrara. “We look at the markets very closely of course,” says Pfeil. “Our goal is to establish even more presence in the locations where we have been successfully active for many years. To achieve this, we look at each country to specifically address that individual market.” France will soon be added to the list of countries with expanded services. Vecoplan’s pan-European presence has simultaneously created space for growth.

Italian customers also benefit from a consistent supply of spare parts. Vecoplan intends to expand this approach worldwide. “Due to the current unstable supply chains, our goal is to use this concept to increase the availability of our machines and plants,” explains Pfeil. The Westerwald company also offers special service agreements to respond to customers’ needs. These agreements enable customers to secure response times, for example, or receive better on-site support through inspection and maintenance packages.

Vecoplan also offers a powerful digitalisation concept with its Vecoplan Smart Center (VSC). Via VSC.connect, customers receive a modern communication interface between Vecoplan and their plants. They can then access services such as document management and remote service. The integrated, intuitive VSC.control operating panel serves as a communication medium for the machine’s control system and a live link to the Vecoplan technicians. “When a customer needs our services, the VSC can solve most issues,” says Jochen Pfeil. “We can look over the shoulder of the customer’s service technician on site when he uses a camera or data glasses – then we help him to solve the problem step-by-step. Our specially developed service tutorials also help the customer optimally prepare for the machine’s maintenance procedure.”

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