Strategic Partnership with a global view on supply and demand

Powerplant By-products


Fly ash is excellently suited for use as a major component in cement. It contributes, among other things, to a reduction in CO2 emissions when cement is manufactured. As fly ash is a by-product of the energy production from hard coal fired power plants, it is a big challenge to balance the global supply and demand situation. Reason enough for STEAG Power Minerals and ZAG International to put their existing partnership on a broader base.


As new hard coal fired power plants are put into service in Europe in the coming months, large additional quantities of fly ash will be created. STEAG Power Minerals has secured a large proportion of these newly available quantities in the long term, ensuring reliable supplies both to the customers in the construction industry – in Europe and beyond.


With ZAG International, STEAG Power Minerals now has joined forces with an expert partner in the field of construction material sales and services. There is already cooperation between the two companies within Europe. To date, for example, fly ash has been shipped from the Mediterranean Sea to Northern Europe. We are now taking a further step: “In the form of ZAG, we have found a strategic partner with whom we can develop new opportunities for the recycling of power plant by-products together,” as Andreas Hugot, Managing Director of STEAG Power Minerals, explains.


The cooperation agreement has already been signed. A joint workshop to determine the further course of action took place in Neuss from 15 to 17 May – with people from Europe, the USA and Australia in attendance. Charles Zeynel, President of ZAG International, comments: “We are very pleased to be able to extend the partnership together. By combining our respective strengths and experience in our markets we will be able to offer even more flexible solutions to our customers.”


Firm offers are now to be compiled on the basis of the workshop results, with the aim of making the first shipments before the end of this year. The move towards looking beyond Europe is an obvious step for STEAG Power Minerals. “With the strategic partnership, we will obtain rapid and efficient access to new markets without taking on any great risks,” Hugot adds. “And of course it is a further step in ensuring security of supply for our customers.”

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