IBAU Screw pump made in India

The first IBAU screw pump produced in India has recently been delivered to its Indian cement customer and will be put into operation shortly. This delivery marks a further milestone in the young history of HAVER IBAU INDIA Pvt. Ltd. and its objective of serving the Indian customers with world leading technology and quality from India for India. According to the design of IBAU Hamburg, the IBAU screw pump “made in India” completely meets all quality standards of its founder, with whom together the necessary suppliers were developed and the assembly and service staff was trained. Equipped with its own IBAU test bench (Fig. 1) an ideally balanced screw is guaranteed. The IBAU screw pump “made in India” is exclusively available for the Indian market.

For more than fifty years screw pumps are being used for the pneumatic transportation of bulk materials such as cement, raw meal or fly ash. Compared to other systems screw pumps have the unique advantage of being able to feed large quantities of such materials into a pneumatic conveying line practically without any blowback of air, thereby allowing the customer to install these in confined locations due to their compactness and overall low height.

Especially two features distinguish the IBAU screw pump from its conventional rivals, its plug formation and its design. A flareshaped chamber between the end of the screw and the non-return valve filled with pulverized material creates a cylindrical plug acting as an ideal seal between the non-pressurized parts and the pressurized conveying line. So even when the pump is not fed and at pressures above 1 bar a blowback of air does not occur, allowing a material feeding range from 0 –100  % and leading to less wear and therefore lower maintenance costs. In respect to its design the IBAU screw pump differs from other systems through the use of a sturdy bushing with a hoppered inlet connection to secure the screw instead of four bearings. This not only allows an extremely quiet running of the pump even under no-load conditions, but also an easy removal and refitting of the screw without having to change the bearing seats. The installed oil lubrication makes a periodic greasing of the bearings unnecessary.


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