NL2028639 B1

Batching device for cement manufac-turing

(22) 06.07.2021

(45) 06.07.2022

(57) The present invention discloses a batching device for cement manufacturing. The batching device includes an operation desk. A batching device is disposed above the operation desk, and a mixing device fixed to the operation desk is disposed below the batching device. A water storage device is disposed on the batching device, a conveying device for receiving a cement ingredient is disposed below the operation desk, and a discharge device fixed to the mixing device is disposed above the conveying device. In the batching device of the present invention, a stirring member is driven by a first motor to prevent cement ingredients from accumulating, and nozzles perform atomization to combine generated dust with the spray. A feed member is driven by a second motor to convey uniformly-mixed ingredients to a discharge barrel for discharging. An ingredient receiving barrel is driven by a third motor to move to a position below the discharge barrel, and a supporting block then pushes a T-shaped sliding block to slide to drive an opening and closing cover to open, so that the ingredients fall into the ingredient receiving barrel. As the weight increases, the supporting block separates from the T-shaped sliding block, and the opening and closing cover closes. The present invention has a simple structure and a high level of automation, and can achieve automatic ingredient receiving, thereby improving processing efficiency.

(73) Anhui University of Science and Technology, Huainan, China (CN)


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