US 2023/0365464 A1

Cement clinker production system and cement clinker
production method

(22) 29.09.2023

(43) 16.11.2023

(57) A cement clinker producing system, capable of providing a gas containing a carbon dioxide gas at a high concentration by increasing a carbon dioxide gas concentration for a part of an exhaust gas, includes a cyclone preheater to preheat a cement clinker raw material, a rotary kiln to burn the preheated cement clinker raw material so as to provide cement clinker, a calcination furnace to promote decarbon­ation of the cement clinker raw material, a clinker cooler to cool the cement clinker, a kiln exhaust-gas discharge pas­sages to discharge an exhaust gas generated in the rotary kiln, a combustion-supporting gas supply device to supply a combustion-supporting gas having a higher oxygen concen­tration than air, a combustion-supporting gas supply passage to guide the combustion-supporting gas to the calcination furnace, and a calcination furnace exhaust-gas discharge passage to discharge a carbon dioxide gas-containing exhaust gas generated in the calcination furnace.

(71) Taiheiyo Cement Corporation, Tokyo (JP)


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