Circularity and decarbonization: mandatory levers for the
survival of the cement industry in Europe

Nicolas Meyre, Geocycle Business Development ARM will speak at the upcoming CarbonZero Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials 2023 Conference & Exhibition in Lyon/France on October 26-27. His topic will be circularity and decarbonization: mandatory levers for the survival of the cement industry in Europe and will discuss:

Japan 1999: Circular Economy Vision: the right way to go to maximize the 3R initiatives, learnings 20 years after

Extended Responsibility of the Producer for Construction Materials: an opportunity or a threat?

Clinker basics in term of minerals

Holcim-Geocycle PARM trials paving the way to clinker made entirely out of wastes

He joined Lafarge in 2000, taking first a position in the Centre Technique Inter-unités (five years of international assignments), then an operational role in Italy before being transferred to the Asian Technical Center for five years as Head of Maintenance and Technology for all of Asia.

Nicolas Meyre afterwards managed Industrial Ecology/Geocycle France for seven years with a team that was directly responsible for the supply of Alternative Fuels and Alternative Raw Materials (+/-800kT of recycled materials per year).

Since May 2020 he has been facilitating the ARM Business Development focusing first and foremost on Europe aiming at higher circularity through co-processing of mineral waste streams.

A graduate of Physics and Materials Engineering from INSA de Lyon together with a DEA in characterization of inorganic materials, Nicolas has spent 12 years in heavy industry (metallurgy, power generation) in France and abroad, before joining the cement industry. He also has an MBA degree from IAE Lyon.

Nicolas Meyre: “The European Cement Industry must change its paradigm. It is not only a matter of survival of our industry but we must contribute significantly to the reduction of the CO2 emissions. Also, the need to preserve the natural resources requires us to become recycling centers to the best capability of the available technologies. This covers not only fossil fuels alternatives but also replacing as much as possible the prime natural minerals which enter into the composition of clinker. I am convinced that the 100% waste cement plant will be part of the solution.”

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