CarbonZero: Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials 2023 Conference and Exhibition

CarbonZero Global Conference and Exhibition – the second edition – is announced for October 26 and 27, 2023 in Lyon/France to again reunite the heads of companies who are willing to actually take a stand and act. The two-day event is bringing together C+ executives and decision-makers from cement manufacturing companies, construction and real estate players, environmental specialists, equipment and technology producers as well as Innovation, Research and Development, Academia, Authorities and Think Tanks.

The event is building on the success of its first edition, which took place in November 2022 in Lisbon/Portugal with participants from 18 countries shaping the industry for a better tomorrow. Participants who chose the event in favor of other reputed events were decision makers from Holcim, Heidelberg Materials, Titan Cement, Cementos Argos, Cimsa, Secil or Dalmia Cement representing India, Brazil, South Africa, USA, Colombia as well as diverse countries in Europe.

During the first edition of CarbonZero Global Conference and Exhibition, the delegates agreed that the cement and construction industry need major changes in line with the reality that vary from updating industry standards, aligning with global effort, communicating interregionally and a clear commitment to changes including moving industry institutions. Clear policies and instruments are required for a clean and safe planet as circular economy is the optimum scenario the industry should tend towards.

Conclusions from various summits, conferences and meetings show that despite unprecedented climate distress, from radical weather changes with regional impact to local phenomena, we are still heading a one-way road towards climate disaster. Pledges are not being kept and solutions remain declarative. We need solutions now.



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