CarbonZero: Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials 2022 Conference and Exhibition

The CarbonZero: Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials 2022 Conference and Exhibition will take place as in-person and online format on November 10 and 11 in Lisbon/Portugal. The two-day event will showcase the benefits of using alternative fuels for the cement and construction industry and advocate for recycling by using alternative raw materials (fly ash, pozzolana, GGBFS, sludge, rice husk, construction recycled material) that can add to or replace clinker in cement production. It will focus on the circular use of resources, demonstrating the best and the most cost-effective solutions to help shape the industry for the future.

The event brings together executives and decision makers from cement manu-facturing companies, equipment and technology producers as well as Innovation, Research and Development and Environmental professionals.

The primary goal of the CZAFRM Conference and Exhibition is networking and creating new business opportunities by featuring on demand business meetings, one-on-one discussions, long breaks and dynamic interactions with the industry stakeholders.

Selected presentations will be streamed online for delegates who are not able to attend the in-person event to maximize the impact and help propagate the message for worldwide audiences. On site attendees will receive an event promo kit including presentations, advertisement videos, speaker biographies and company profiles.



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