Green Challenge – A springboard for real leaders

Where are the real economists? And the real politicians? And the real entrepreneurs? I don’t mean those who simply babble on with old and supposedly ironclad wisdom, but those who understand the real economic relationships and, above all, have understood that emitting CO2 in exhaust gases will be a dominant cost factor in future. Those who have understood that you cannot negotiate with physics and who do not confuse the challenges of climate change with collective bargaining between employers and unions. Those who know that any further delay in containing climate change will be many times more expensive than taking appropriate action.

What we need now is a mindset that does not build on the useless attempts to preserve the status of the last century. Instead, we need a mindset that realizes that conservatism should preserve the beneficial values of our living and not the overcome directives which have kept us procrastinating already throughout the last decades. Real conservatism should enforce action against climate change – but instead real-life-conservative minds are blocking wherever they can.

This is the time for real entrepreneurs and leaders. Isn’t it crazy that we all recognize being blocked from all kinds of necessary changes in so many urgent aspects of our living? We better shape our future actively before nature or smarter guys will be overtaking us. Very soon, it will be obvious to everybody that the transformation is also a springboard for real entrepreneurs and real economists. In retrospect, however, most of them will probably just whine!

Really yours

Matthias Mersmann 


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