FI 20225556 A1

Method of upgrading industrial furnace by-products (into cement clinkers)

(22) 20.06.2022

(43) 21.12.2023

(57) Provided herein is a method of treating and upgrading industrial furnace byproducts, such as steelmaking slag and incinerator bottom ash (IBA) into valuable products, the method comprising the steps (a) providing the industrial furnace by-product, (b) subjecting the industrial furnace by-product to separation crushing to obtain crushed industrial furnace byproducts, (c) subjecting the crushed industrial furnace by-products to one or more magnetic separation step(s) to separate magnetic and non-magnetic particles, and (d) optionally subjecting said non-magnetic particles to fine grinding to obtain fine grinded particles. The fine grinded particles can then be used to produce cement clinkers in kiln.

(71) Magsort Oy (FI)


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