ZA202307848 B

Novel cement clinker calciner

(22) 11.08.2023

(43) 27.03.2024

(57) A cement clinker calciner is disclosed comprising lower and upper volute portions, and lower and upper calciner bodies. The lower volute portion comprises a lower volute channel and an air inlet. The lower volute channel feeds gas into the lower volute portion via an outlet communicated with a sidewall of the lower volute portion. The lower volute channel is communicated with a first to-be-calcined material inlet and a first fuel inlet. A second to-be-calcined material inlet and a second fuel inlet are arranged on the sidewall of the lower volute portion. A contraction portion at the bottom of the upper calciner body has an increasing diameter along a vertical upward direction.An upper side outlet communicated with the upper volute portion is arranged on a side of the upper calciner body. The upper volute portion comprises an upper volute channel having an inlet communicating to the upper side outlet.

(71) CBMI Construction Co. Ltd (CN)


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