ES2923823 (A1)

Solid additive to enhance the mechanical resistance of cement pastes, mortars or concrete with high contents of “SCMs”

(22) 08.02.2021

(43) 30.09.2022

(57) Solid additive to enhance the mechanical resistance of cement pastes, mortars or concrete with high contents of “SCMs”. The present invention refers to a solid and dry (powdery) additive to improve the early and late mechanical development of cement or concrete pastes, especially those based on cements in which a significant part of the clinker or OPC has been replaced by cementitious materials. (SCMs) such as fly ash, blast furnace slag, silica fume, dehydroxylated clays or other silicoaluminous materials. Likewise, the second object of the invention is a binder formulation comprising: a) a cement containing at least a fraction of Clinker/Portland cement and supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs); b) water; c) an additive according to the present invention and d) optionally aggregates and that have similar and/or higher mechanical strength values than conventional cements known as blended cements.

(71) S.A. Sulquisa (ES)


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