The M-Series: A new generation of highly efficient centrifugal fans

The market is showing an increasing demand for highly efficient industrial centrifugal fans with impellers optimised for efficiency. Increased efficiency reduces energy consumption and thus operating costs, and also reduces environmental pollution. Furthermore, many countries impose mandatory energy efficiency guidelines. As a result of intensive research, Venti Oelde has recently been able to present a state-of-the-art generation of impellers known as the M-Series.

At the heart of Venti Oelde’s M-Series are new impeller blades, entirely designed using computer modelling, that enable total fan efficiencies of more than 90%. The computer modelling method makes it possible to calculate impeller blade designs for any blade profile. This greatly extends the scope of possibilities for impeller blade design compared with conventional methods. Due to the enormous number of possible blade variants, the newly designed impeller blades, on completion of their preliminary design, are simulated, using computational fluid dynamics.

Since the outside impeller dimensions of the optimized impellers remain unchanged, it is possible to retain the casing, shaft and bearings when replacing the impeller. This leads to higher total efficiency with associated energy savings of 3 – 5%. In addition to increased efficiency, the optimized impellers from Venti Oelde offer substantially lower noise emissions and improved running smoothness due to significant reductions in turbulence. Turbulence in the impeller can cause flow-induced vibrations that can reduce the service life of the fan. Therefore, in addition to enhanced efficiency, these modifications also increase the service life of the optimized impellers. Last but not least, the new design, which offers huge reductions in turbulence, also noticeably reduces caking in the event that the airflow is contaminated with particles. This extends maintenance intervals. The amount of cleaning needed for the impellers decreases.


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