Roskill analyses of worldwide gypsum and anhydrite supply and demand

A major shift in the industry toward the use of more synthetic gypsum has resulted from three factors. Firstly, stricter environmental regulations at coal-fired stations increased the output of FGD gypsum. Secondly, the high cost of environmental meas­ures and resistance to accumulation of waste motivated power companies to seek to mitigate these issues by selling their usable waste products. Finally, the financial crisis that caused output and revenues of the plasterboard industry to plummet motivated producers to reduce costs and FGD gypsum was not only cheaper, but tended to be produced...

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New Secretary General for the EU plaster and plasterboard industry

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Gypsum plasterboard production plant and method for producing a gypsum plasterboard

(22) 26.06.2013 (43) 28.08.2018 (57) Summary of the corresponding patent WO2014206452 (A1): The invention relates to a gypsum plasterboard production plant, comprising at least one circulating...

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Recycling method of dihydrate gypsum from waste gypsum boards

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New President for Eurogypsum

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