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The new compact PowerCore® dust collectors have already proven their high filtration performance in different industries. At the POWTECH, Donaldson demonstrates the flexibility of the new technology and shows which economical advantages can be realized. One decisive criterion is the downsizing: The stand-alone PowerCore® dust collector CPC is up to 50  % smaller than conventional baghouses. The size of the bin vent dust collector CPV is even reduced by up to 70  % in comparison to conventional bin vents (Fig.).

The significance of this development becomes evident with the following example: For a dust collection unit, which previously had to be equipped with 81 bag filters of each 2.40 m in length, now only 12 PowerCore® filter packs are required. Due to the incomparable easy filter pack exchange, great savings result from the filter changeout. While previously 10 minutes had to be applied for replacing a traditional bag filter, the time for replacing a PowerCore® filter pack is reduced to 2 minutes. Each visitor is welcome to try the easy filter pack changeout at the exhibition booth.

Hall 8, Stand 8-405


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