New: EMC technology also for 10  m filter bags

Summary: On 25 April 2003 Scheuch GmbH, Aurolzmünster/Austria, was granted Austrian patent No. AT 410403 for its EMC-filter bag cleaning system (EMC: Energy-Minimizing-Concept). This was followed on 6 October 2004 by European patent No. EP 1404431. Right from the outset, this cleaning concept was oriented towards long bags (min. 8000 mm), for filter area loadings significantly higher than 1 m/min and dust loads of up to 1000 g/Am³. In addition to the known operating cost savings potential, the use of 10  m filter bags provides substantial cost benefits, not only for new plants (above 500 000 Am³/h), but particularly in the case of migration from electrostatic precipitators to bag filters and upgrades of existing bag filter units for the purpose of capacity increase.

1 Introduction

After the use of 8 m filter bags had become state of the art in the cement industry thanks to EMC technology, intensive development work resulted in the successful transfer of EMC advantages to 10 m filter bags and in verification for industrial application.

2 Technological solution
2.1 Initial situation – objective: use of 10 m filter bags

In new plant concepts, the clinker cooler exhaust gas is fed ­together with the kiln exhaust gas to a common filter in order to utilize synergetic effects or in order to make more recuperated heat available for the drying of very moist raw...

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