Dry building mixtures – current situation and technology perspectives in Russia

Summary: The production of dry building mixtures is one of the youngest and dynamically developing branches of the building materials industry. During the last 50 years, a large number of facilities for the production of dry building mixtures were constructed. Production of raw materials, especially the production of dry chemical admixtures was started , as well as the mechanical and engineering basis for the manufacturing of equipment and complete plants for the production of dry building mixtures and the equipment for their processing at construction sites was established [1–5]. This article summarizes the current status and future challenges in the development of dry building mixtures in Russia.

1 Russian classification of dry building mixtures

According to the state standards GOST 31189-2003 “Dry building mixtures. Classification”, dry building mixtures are mixtures of dry components containing binding agents, filling materials, modifying additives, which are manufactured using industrial methods (Figs. 1 and 2). As opposed to mortar and concrete mixtures ready for use, dry mixtures are delivered to construction sites in a dry form, and mixed with water directly before use. During its utilization cycle, the dry building mixture goes through three different states:

– dry mixture;


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