The versatility of multi-compartment cement silos

Summary: Multi-compartment silos are very important for all those cement production plants that are willing to simplify their cement storage needs for different cement types. The main advantages of such a silo should be variable storage cells for the individual needs and to transport and distribute the cement from any of the individual compartments to any of the downstream loading, transport and packing installations. The present article summarizes experiences gained with installations IBAU HAMBURG has supplied in the last few years.

1 Introduction

Globally there is a trend towards Portland-Composite Cements and Puzzolan cements. In Germany,  for example, in the last 15 years the amount of CEM I cements has decreased from about 75  % to less than 30  %, while in parallel a number of different CEM II and CEM III cements have been introduced. In some developing countries such as India or Brazil, CEM I cement types still account for only a small proportion of the cement production. As the variety of cements  in the production lines is increasing, multi-compartment silos are increasingly used in the terminal design. Such silos...

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