Modular plant concept

The Austrian building materials group Wietersdorfer & Peggauer Zementwerke GmbH (brand name baumit) placed an order with BT-Wolfgang ­Binder to set up a sand processing and mixing plant for building materials in Russia. This new plant with a value of about five million Euros is located in Kikerino (approx. 80 km west of St. Petersburg) and will annually produce about 50 000 t of mortar, adhesive and various screeding compounds. There a modular plant concept was used, which was developed by BT-Wolfgang Binder and which had already been used successfully in Latvia and Byelorussia. The individual modules had been pre-assembled in ­Austria to minimize the erection and commissioning time at the site. With the slogan “START-EXPAND-MOVE” the scope of plant is expanded in the modular design system and adapted to the corresponding market situation. With a positive market development, a stationary plant is installed instead of the modular one. Then the modular plant is dismantled and can be erected at a new site. When changing from a modular to a stationary plant, the production downtime amounts to a maximum of two weeks. Due to this flexibility it is easier to enter new countries and markets. The plant will be commissioned early in 2012.


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