20.02.–22.02.2018, NEU-ULM/GERMANY

62nd BetonTage congress: prefabrication – the future of building

The construction industry is facing major challenges as there is a large gap to be closed in terms of new residential developments, infrastructure comprising bridges, roads, and sewers are in the need of rehabilitation, and public places, administration and commercial buildings need to comply with the requirements of sustainable construction. The precast industry manufactures products that provide solutions for these challenges. Thus, “Prefabrication – the future of building” is the motto under which the 62nd BetonTage congress will be held from 20.02.-22.02.2018 in Neu-Ulm/Germany.

Panel 1 “Application-oriented research for concrete” will give an overview on the latest developments in concrete technology. Carbon-reinforced concrete is one main topic here. A new high-temperature stable carbon reinforcement will be presented and information will be provided on the current situation of the preparations on technical rules and regulations for the construction with carbon-reinforced concrete. Along with current findings on the design and safety concepts for new building components and the use of carbon-reinforced concrete for structural strengthening as well as on textile reinforcement and concrete as basis materials, the lectures will also give insights in the structural implementation and in the standardized test concepts on carbon-reinforced concrete. Research reports on sustainable cements, R concrete and the CO2 absorption of concrete by carbonation will be items of the agenda, too. New methods for testing the durability of clinker-efficient cement are also examined carefully.

Panel 2 is dedicated to the manufacturers of products in road, landscape and garden construction. The implications of the European standardization and the Construction Products Regulation on the product quality of concrete elements will be discussed here. Moreover, new research findings regarding the freeze-thaw resistance will be presented. A new regulation for photocatalytically active products is expected to bring more transparency and better air quality in city areas.

The accompanying exhibition of the supplier, machinery, and software industry is an integral part of the BetonTage congress. The latest best product developments will be awarded with the 2018 Innovation Prize for Structural Concrete Products of the Supplier Industry.



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