11.10.–13.10.2017, METZ/FRANCE

9th European Slag Conference:
Circular economy in the slag industry

The 9th European Slag Conference will take place in Metz/France, at the prestigious Arsenal, from 11.10.-13.10.2017, organized by Euroslag with the local support of Afoco, the French Industrial Co-Products Operators Association. The purpose of the 9th Euroslag Slag Conference is the exchange of knowledge relating to technical applications, environmental and legal subjects for all kinds of iron and steel slags.

Euroslag, created in 2000, is the federation of all main European organizations and companies concerned with all aspects of manufacturing and utilization of ferrous slag products. The Association deals with the promotion of slag as a product, enables exchange of information and research and facilitates the interaction with governing bodies. About 45 million t of ferrous slags are generated annually in Europe by iron and steel plants.

Afoco, Member of Euroslag, is the French Association of companies involved in collecting slags and other by-products in the steel plants with the aim of transforming them into useful and reliable new products. Afoco brings together 18 companies which manage about 90 % of all the French slag production, including some of the best research teams in this field.

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