A TEC Rocket Mill RM 2.50 double starts operation in Austria

To optimize the production of highly caloric residue-derived fuels for the cement industry the Austrian company. A.S.A. installed A TEC’s Rocket Mill RM 2.50 double in their treatment plant in Wiener Neustadt, Vienna/Austria. ­After seven months of engineering, construction works and installation on-site A TEC’s Rocket Mill was commissioned on 07.11.2016.

Pre-sorted and shredded household and commercial waste with a bulk density ranging from 100-300 kg/m³ can be ground down to a size of 15 mm – 50 % is smaller than 5 mm – in only one step (depending on the size of the sieves). The material has excellent ignition properties due to a change of physical properties (higher specific surface). Subsequently it is used by cement manufacturers from the region. Mainly produced by A TEC Plant Construction in Eberstein/Austria the mill has a capacity of 7-40 t/h, is useable for different output sizes and is equipped with two grinding chambers which can be independently loaded. Each one has a main drive of 315 kW. Due to the grinding technology an additional drying effect of approx. 10 % is given.

The mill is convincing not only with its excellent output material it is also easy to maintain (no knives) and insusceptible to extraneous material and heavy items.



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