Loesche Symposium 2017 – Evolve the future

Marking the 111th anniversary since its founding, Loesche GmbH invited customers from all over the world to come to Düsseldorf for this year’s Loesche Symposium. The event held in Düsseldorf and Vienna from 05.09.–09.09.2017 attracted more than 500 attendees. Over 50 nationalities met to discuss with each other the future of the cement industry. Highlights at the Symposium included a tour of the Lafarge Cement Plant in Mannersdorf/Austria and the new A TEC Rocket Mill.

Dr. Thomas Loesche, Managing Shareholder at Loesche GmbH, was delighted to welcome so many guests from so many different parts of the world to Düsseldorf. Besides the presentations, this time a modern form of interaction was on the agenda. Goal of the BarCamp concluding the event was for the attendees to exchange knowledge and discuss different topics.

Under the head-line “111 years of Loesche – evolve the future”, Rüdiger Zerbe, Managing Director at Loesche GmbH, outlined the further requirements for the cement industry: cement quality, performance and sustainability. One trend in product...

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