A single shaft Maerz HPS kiln for Schaefer Kalk Malaysia

Schaefer Kalk GmbH & Co. KG, the renowned German lime manufacturer, has been operating a major lime plant in Kuala Ketil, a small town in North Malaysia’s Kedah province since 1997. As is typical for Schaefer Kalk lime plants, the limestone quality coming from their quarries is exceptional. Only with such high grade raw materials is Schaefer Kalk in a position to serve its demanding customers with specialty products.

In 2013 Schaefer Kalk approached Maerz with a very specific request: would it be possible to produce hard burnt lime from its high grade limestone in Malaysia? When testing the limestone, it became clear at an early stage of the project that only very high burning temperatures would lead to the desired quicklime reactivity. In fact, there were indications that a burning temperature well above 1700°C would be required. As this is very unusual for lime kilns, Schaefer Kalk decided to perform a test run in the semi-industrial single shaft kiln plant designed by Maerz/RCE, located in Radenthein/Austria.

The trial went well and therefore Schaefer Kalk placed an order in 2016 for a turnkey installation of a 100 t/d single shaft Maerz HPS kiln in its Kuala Ketil plant.

The kiln is keeping its promises: it produces lime with a residual CO2-content well below 0.2 % at a burning temperature of 1750° C, using natural gas as fuel. This is the highest burning temperature in a lime kiln Maerz has ever built!

This new single shaft kiln allows Schaefer Kalk to round off its product portfolio ensuring and further extending its position as one of the leading lime producers in Malaysia.

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