Michael Brachthäuser, Beumer Group, Beckum/Germany

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Michael Brachthäuser (62) has been Director of the Center of Competence Cement at Beumer Group since 01.10.2016. In this function, he controls and coordinates the global competence center for the cement industry.
A mechanical and process engineer by profession, Brachthäuser is responsible for product
portfolio marketing and sales, the strategic development and strengthening of the international sales team, the optimization of the overall sales structure and smooth communication between group companies around the world. We asked him how he intends to keep achieving all those goals.

ZKG: Now that you have been in command of the cement business segment at Beumer Group for about a year now, can you tell us what you have already achieved?

MICHAEL BRACHTHÄUSER: Quite a bit, as a matter of fact, such as integrating additional products into our already extensive cement portfolio while putting our international resources and ideas to work for the cement branch – a tack I continue to pursue. Beumer has 30 member companies around the world, and we are in the process of knitting that network even closer together. One pertinent measure, for example, is to still better interlink our...

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