WO2021085747 (A1)

Apparatus for decomposing and fixing greenhouse gases using waste-derived liquid fuel

(22) 23.12.2019

(43) 06.05.2021

(57) The present invention relates to an apparatus for decomposing and fixing greenhouse gases, the apparatus comprising a cement furnace, which, by gasification and combustion through the pyrolysis of discarded waste plastic using a plasma pyrolysis system, can increase the temperature of the cement furnace by providing an additional heat source to a preheating tower connected to the cement furnace, thereby pyrolyzing greenhouse gases. The present invention provides an apparatus for decomposing and fixing greenhouse gases that comprises a cement furnace, the apparatus comprising a plasma pyrolysis system comprising: (a) a pyrolysis reactor; (b) four to twenty plasma pyrolysis means which supply plasma to the pyrolysis reactor; and (c) a fuel supply means which is connected to the upper portion of the pyrolysis reactor to supply waste plastic towards the pyrolysis reactor, wherein a high-temperature gas discharged from the plasma pyrolysis system is mixed with fuel for heating a preheating tower connected to the cement furnace and supplied, and greenhouse gases are injected into the cement furnace to be pyrolyzed.

(71) Kim Hee Sup (KR); Lee Sun Dong (KR); Lee Jae Yun (KR); Mun Young Bum (KR); Park Young Ki (KR); Lee Jae Hyung (KR)


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