WO 2018/079868 A1

Low-shrinkage and low-carbon green cement composition comprising carbon-mineralized fly ash and early strength type expansion agent, and concrete having same applied thereto

(22) 26.10.2016

(43) 03.05.2018

(57) One embodiment of the present invention provides a green cement composition comprising Portland cement, carbon minerals, an early strength type expansion agent, and blast furnace slag micropowder. In one embodiment of the present invention: carbon minerals obtained by reacting carbon dioxide, which is a main cause of greenhouse gas, with cogeneration plant fly ash are used, and thus the green cement composition has an effect of better reducing the amount of carbon dioxide than a conventional green cement, which has a simple mixture of fly ash and blast furnace slag micropowder; the cogeneration plant fly ash, which was restricted when used as a concrete admixture because of a high content of free lime, can be effectively utilized; and early strength deterioration and drying shrinkage, which are problems of the conventional green cement, are reduced using the early strength type expansion agent.

(71) Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, Daejeon (KR)


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