Back again

Dear Readers,

18 years ago, I started working for Bauverlag, at that time as editor of ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum. With the background of a PhD degree in technical chemistry, I quickly became familiar with the material side of the subjects, the cement plants were impressive and it was very exciting to go deeper into the details.

A hydraulic binder, Opus caementicium has been used as a building material for almost 2000 years – some might ask, what else can be more exciting than to report on this topic to fill a regular trade journal? The general conditions, however, are in a constant state of flux, which is increasingly accelerating, for example under the aspect of climate change. These result in many new requirements and challenges for the building materials and especially for the cement industry.

Green cements, CO2 emissions trading, climate protection, resource conservation and efficiency – all topics of our modern times that are not entirely new, but are increasingly coming into focus. Although cement has existed as a hydraulic binder for such a long time, further development of both plant technology and composition is indispensable in order to remain competitive.

These exciting topics were also discussed 18 years ago, but certainly, there has been some progress in development. As successor to Anett Hümmer, I am happy to take over the magazine ZKG as editor-in-chief, as she has handed over to me a well-established, recognized magazine with an exciting range of topics. The entire team at ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum is looking forward to receiving your wishes, suggestions and proposals for topics and I am particularly looking forward to working with you –our readers and authors.

Stay curious and above all, stay healthy

Dr. Petra Strunk


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