Starting over!

Dear readers, at the end of September, I shall be leaving Bauverlag and therefore also the trade journal ZKG Cement Lime Gypsum to take on a new professional challenge, which I am looking forward to very much.

The last few years with ZKG have been a formative time. What experiences we have shared: globally slowing and booming markets, ever increasing requirements for environment protection, and here in particular the demand for a reduction in CO2 emissions. Associated with this, of course, are many more aspects, starting with the reduction in the clinker content, through the use of alternative raw materials and fuels to the development of new low-CO2 cements. These topics will continue to occupy our industries, and the recycling of construction materials will play an increasing role. It has been an exciting time, shaped especially by the togetherness, with the producers, the plant engineers and suppliers, but also with associations, research institutes and universities. For me, from the many professional contacts, friendships have grown, and it has never been boring.

2020 will go down in history as the corona year, months of home officing, no meetings or events. Almost all important events and opportunities to meet have been cancelled or postponed, starting with Cemtech 2020 through the Weimar Gypsum Conference, the Annual IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Technical Conference, the anniversary event 50th ILA General Assembly and Information Exchange Forum, the VDZ Annual Cement Conference and so on. As the makers of a trade journal, we have, of course, missed the personal contact to our readers and partners.

For my successor Dr Petra Strunk, a colleague of many years at Bauverlag, who is  very well acquainted with the Cement Lime Gypsum industry, I wish that these challenging times might soon be over, and she will be able to get in touch with you personally. Please place your trust in her and her colleagues.

Dear readers, it has always been a great joy and honour to write for you, with you and about you. I thank you most sincerely for the loyalty you have shown me and wish you all the best, health, personal happiness and, of course, great success in achieving your professional and business goals.

Last but not least I should like to thank my entire ZKG team for their many years of fantastic support. My thanks go especially to Anke Bracht, who, as editor, will continue to look after ZKG superbly.

Yours sincerely

Anett Hümmer


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