US 2019/0016633 A1

Calcined gypsum treatment device and calcined
gypsum treatment method

(22) 31.01.2017

(43) 17.01.2019

(57) A calcined gypsum treatment apparatus has an agitating type of cooler provided with a cooling region for cooling the calcined gypsum, and a moisture supplying device for incorporating moisture into the calcined gypsum. The moisture supplying device includes a humid gas-feeding port which introduces humid gas including moisture or steam, directly into the cooling region. The calcined gypsum is introduced through a calcined gypsum introduction port into the cooling region, and the moisture is incorporated into the calcined gypsum to modify the calcined gypsum. The humid gas-feeding port is positioned in vicinity to the calcined gypsum introduction port so as to allow the spouted or delivered flow of the humid gas to be brought into contact with the calcined gypsum immediately after introduced into the cooling region.

(71) Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd., Tokyo (JP)

(73) Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd., Tokyo (JP)


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