CN 104446063 A

Cement and manufacturing method thereof

(22) 03.12.2014

(45) 25.03.2015

(57) The invention discloses cement and a manufacturing method thereof, and in particular discloses cement taking magnesium sulfate as a main ingredient and a manufacturing method of the cement. The cement disclosed by the invention contains magnesium sulfate and magnesium oxide, wherein the weight ratio of magnesium sulfate to magnesium oxide is more than 0.9. By adopting the method disclosed by the invention, prejudices of the prior art are overcome, and the comprehensive performance of the cement is improved by greatly improving the content of magnesium sulfate in a cement for­mula. Moreover, a lot of industrial residues can be added into the cement produced by the method disclosed by the invention, and the main ingredient namely magnesium sulfate is prepared from waste liquid after desulfurization and belongs to desulfurization byproducts, so that the price of the cement is low, and the cost of magnesium sulfate cement is greatly reduced.

(73) Beijing Zhongjing Jiamei Environmental Technology Co Ltd.


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