EP 3 903 940 A1

Cement production apparatus and method for grinding particulate material

(22) 29.07.2020

(43) 03.11.2021

(57) A cement production apparatus, and method, for grinding particulate material comprising: a vertical roller mill comprising a grinding table and a grinding roller having a rotational axis, each having a grinding surface and being arranged to define a grinding zone between the grinding surfaces, and a feeder for feeding the particulate material to the vertical roller mill; wherein the grinding roller is arranged to roll around a grinding path on said grinding table; and the feeder is arranged to receive a supply of the particulate material and to direct a flow of that material to the grinding zone of the vertical roller mill. The feeder may be arranged to substantially constrain the flow of material to a predetermined defined cross-section, to direct the flow of material by applying a momentum to and/or pushing, or to compact the flow of material prior to directing the material, or combinations thereof.

(71) Jespersen, Mads, 2630 Taastrup (DK)

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