US2017267593 (A1)

Chemical additive for calcium sulphoaluminate-modified
Portland cement

(22) 29.09.2015

(43) 21.09.2017

(57) A chemical additive for calcium sulphoaluminate-modified Portland cement comprises the following substances: (a) at least one alkanolamine borate; (b) at least one organic alcohol; and (c) at least one saccharide or a derivative thereof; and the substances and water are sequentially mixed and stirred to obtain the chemical additive for calcium sulphoaluminate-modified Portland cement. The chemical additive for calcium sulphoaluminate-modified Portland cement provided by the invention has better effects of regulating the setting time of the calcium sulphoaluminate-modified Portland cement and improving the 3d/28d strength increase rate, and also has a grinding aid effect when being added during grinding.

(71) Nanjing Tech University (CN)


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