High-performance and low-CO2 cements
based on calcium sulphoaluminate

Summary: In this paper, the technical behaviour of calcium sulphoaluminate (CSA) cements and the environmentally friendly characteristics of their manufacturing process  are illustrated. The role played by the raw materials and the kiln burning conditions in the properties of the industrial products is demonstrated. The excellent performance of two CSA-based formulations and their fields of application are outlined.

1 Introduction

Substantial changes have been introduced in the cement manufacture during the last twenty years. New cements, accepted by standardization bodies, have been developed. The improvement of cement performance and the reduction of the environmental impact associated with its manufacturing cycle are most likely the biggest innovation challenges for the near future. In particu-lar, there is a widespread awareness of the need for enhancing mechanical strength and durability as well as decreasing CO2 emissions. It has to be pointed out that so-called “low-CO2” cements, that means cements...

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